Learn to respond to and win government contract opportunities.

Lesson 1: Working Smart

Online courses designed to move your company to the appropriate level. Whether you are just getting started, have won contracts and looking to expand, or want to plan a multi-year strategy to explode your growth the GovSchool online courses will help. Your knowledge is tested and your GovBusinessCoach will not only hold you accountable, but help you address areas of concern. All with one goal in mind: growing your company.

Active Content You Can Use

Active RFPs

Awarded Examples

Spend Analysis

GovDirections publishes 80,000+ new RFPs each month. Your membership will have full access to all active RFPs for you to review or simply to test your bidding. Your GovBusinessCoach wil work with you to identify the best opportunities.

You will have access to an award library with more than 36,000 examples. New examples are added daily. Your GovBusinessCoach will work with you to identify the best examples. Your GovDirections Research Team will help pull recent examples as needed.

GovDirections' subject matter experts will help identify spending plans in your industry. GovSchool's online courses will help you understand how do to your own research and how to use information to your best abilitilies. Upcoming listings are fully available to help you plan.

Why 60,000 Contractors Trust GovDirections

Plans for success

Business is Business

You are on the go

Since 1998, our founders have one simple plan: Our success is tied to your success. Our products are built to help you win government business. GovSchool coodinates our services so you can grow.

Whether your client is a local government or a private company, we understand you want the information to help you stand out from your competition.

Your time is valuable and you expect information to be at your fingertips. GovSchool is available on your time. GovDirections research data is timely, up-to-date and ready when you are.

What you will learn today with this lesson?

Lesson 1: Working Smart: The Key to Finding and Winning Government Business

Why Information is Key

Additional resources

Finding the Best Opportunity

  • Searches and Settings
  • Awards
  • State and Local

Looking at RFPs

Sometimes government is confusing

Noted. Our goal through GovSchool, GovBusinessCoach and GovDirections is to help you work through obstacles when they appear. Why? Well government contracts are an important part of any business plan.

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